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Executive Women's Leadership

I have been involved in either research or training regarding women's leadership since the mid 1980's. Never has the topic of women's leadership been more exciting. The number of discussions, webinars, books, hallway conversations, articles, requests for programs, sessions, and conferences are exploding.

The business case for women is growing as more and more studies confirm that having women in senior roles correlates with strong financial and organizational performance. Increasingly, women are viewed as bringing valuable leadership skills to the table: a talent for collaboration and teamwork, strong interpersonal skills, and prudent risk-taking. I would love to work with you individually or with a group of women in your organization to help strengthen the role women play. Working together, we can explore how to leverage success, build a network, take risks, increase impact, and achieve recognition.

White Paper

My white paper offers more information on the many opportunities and challenges facing executive women.

  • Taking Control: Three Questions Women Executives Need to Ask ThemselvesDownload PDF

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