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Executive Coaching

Have you had much opportunity to have one-on-one conversations about your leadership strengths and weaknesses? Would you benefit from a perspective outside of your organization? Do you have some specific leadership challenges you would like to address? Are you eager to set new leadership goals for yourself and chart a plan to reach them? If so, you are likely ready for a leadership coach - and the acceleration of your growth as a leader.

Leadership coaching offers an independent sounding board that helps you access your best qualities, discover new insights, ask critical questions, develop new skills, and find the resources to grow and improve. Perhaps you want to develop more confidence or learn how to manage people. Or maybe you would like to better leverage your influence or improve the relationship with your boss.

Our work together starts with understanding your organizational context and the leadership challenges you face. We gather feedback on your current strengths and developmental needs, set the right goals, and develop a strategy to accomplish them. Along the way, we work together as you reflect on your progress, experiment on the job, evaluate results, and refine your approach. Our engagement focuses on your real work situations, making your coaching practical, relevant and integrated with your life.

My white paper offers more information on the keys to accelerating your development as a leader.

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