25 Ways Leaders Can Offer Encouragement

We are hearing from a lot of people who are battling burnout. As pandemic ambiguity and unknowns continue, encouragement in the workplace is needed now more than ever. We’re offering some ideas to encourage, help motivate, and show your appreciation for your team. Feel free to comment with ways you’ve either offered or received memorable or effective encouragement. What works for you? What do you or your team need most when you’re feeling stretched too thin?



for leaders


  • Thank you for helping me with __________.
  • It makes ________ easier when you _________… thank you.
  • I really appreciate it when you _________.
  • Thank you for doing that. It means I/we can now __________.
  • We did it together!
  • Your input increases the quality of this decision. Thanks!
  • Your calm, cool demeanor really helped during last week’s crisis.
  • You did x and then y and just look at the positive impact.
  • You demonstrated a lot of (EQ/patience/understanding/flexibility/etc.).
  • You made it really (clear/smooth/understandable/etc.).
  • That took a long time, and your efforts paid off! Thanks!
  • How did you know how to do _____________?
  • What a success! What are you thinking of doing now?
  • Can you tell me about __________?
  • What is/was your favorite part?
  • How did you think of that?
  • I really enjoy working with you.
  • I love seeing you/this team (reach goals/succeed/work together/etc.).
  • I value your opinion. What do you think we should do?
  • Take a moment to recognize how special this is.
  • You/We kept going, even when it was difficult.
  • We don’t always see eye-to-eye but I’m glad we’re on the same team.
  • You made me/us feel _________ when you ________.
  • Your positive energy makes a difference on the team. Thanks!
  • Thank you for proposing solutions and not just defining the problem.

This list has been adapted from an original by Kate Fairlie (picklebums.com ©2014)


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