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Founded in 2009 by leadership development expert Sara King, Optimum Insights, Inc. works with growth-minded executives looking for solutions to their most vexing problems and loftiest challenges. We understand that the bigger your role, the more complex your problems – but you don’t have to go it alone. With over three decades of experience and knowledge in leadership development, we know how to help you navigate the highs and lows that come with leading.

We work with corporate, higher education, and non-profit leaders, as well as owners of small and/or family businesses. Whether you need one-to-one coaching, help creating and facilitating custom programs, or opportunities to connect with a network of your peers, Optimum Insights provides exactly what you need.

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Sara King

Founder & Principal | Leadership Development Expert | Executive Coach

My guiding statement is, ‘Build trust. Unleash the positive. Solve the pain.’ I believe that accomplishing these three things in that order is what unlocks my clients' true leadership abilities and opens up a wider range of choices. My favorite thing is hearing the sound of their "aha” moment.

Sara founded Optimum Insights, Inc., a private leadership development firm devoted to the study and practice of leadership development, in 2009. As an executive coach, author, program designer and facilitator, she has helped hundreds of executive leaders in national and multinational organizations explore their potential and increase their performance. Whatever the context, Sara is devoted to helping leaders identify the roots of critical issues and increase their effectiveness as leaders.


Sara spent 23 years in a variety of roles at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). The most personally rewarding was a 10-year stint leading the organization’s largest line of business. She and the globally-dispersed team she led ultimately grew it into a $32 million operation. For Sara, the most satisfying achievement was developing others to excel, stretch, and see themselves as part of a successful team.

Since 2009, in tandem with her work at Optimum Insights, Sara has continued working with CCL in a lead faculty capacity for select client engagements. One example is her work with the Betsy Magness Leadership Institute (BMLI), a partnership between Women in Cable Telecommunications and CCL. Sara’s work with this program started in 1994. Today, over 1,000 senior executive women have graduated from BMLI.

Sara’s commitment to quality and excellence in serving her clients frequently results in long-term relationships with them. For example, for ten years, she coached over 100 partners in a leadership development program offered by a multinational professional services firm. She has also worked on an ongoing basis with the president, executive team, and other top leaders of a nationally ranked university since 2009. This work has entailed team development, 360-degree feedback, executive coaching, and in-depth interviews with team members.

Sara holds certifications in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, WorkPlace Big Five, Conflict Dynamics Profile, CPI-260, SYMLOG, CCL’s suite of 360 assessments, VOICES, Leadership Versatility Index, Influence Style Indicator, and Change Style Indicator.


As a thought leader on leadership development, Sara began writing books and articles in the 1980’s. In 2011, Jossey-Bass published a revised version of her book Discovering the Leader in You, which highlights the importance of a conscious decision to lead and offers a framework for developing leadership vision, values and skills. This updated version, co-authored with David G. Altman and Robert J. Lee, is now available as a joint publication of CCL and the Jossey-Bass Business and Management Series. In May of 2011, a workbook on the same topic was published by Sara and David G. Altman through CCL and Jossey-Bass, as well.

Sara’s writings on leadership development also appear in white papers and articles, and she continues to share her insights via webinars, speaking engagements, and interviews.

Education & Early Career

Sara’s roots in leadership development started early. A North Carolina native, her last two years of high school were spent at an all-girls school where she held a variety of leadership positions, initiated the development of a soccer team, and worked for the head of the chemistry department. It was these experiences that taught Sara the value of and personal satisfaction in making things happen.

After earning a B. A. in English from Wake Forest University, Sara attended Cornell University where she focused her research on women’s career choices.  After graduating with an M.S. in Higher Education Administration, Sara took a position at the Center for Creative Leadership, a top-ranked, global provider of leadership education and research. At CCL she was part of the research team which studied the career development of executive women in Fortune 100 firms. This study was the basis for the groundbreaking book Breaking the Glass Ceiling.

Home Life

Sara lives in North Carolina with her husband, Craig. They have three sons who are each launching their post-college careers. Sara and Craig love traveling internationally, spending time at the lake, taking long walks, and attending professional soccer matches. They have recently rediscovered their mutual love of attending live concerts (Fleetwood Mac and Sting top Sara’s list of favorites).

Rachael Foy

Client Relations and Creative Design Director

I have a passion for building relationships with clients and am thrilled to be joining the Optimum Insights team. After working in this industry for many years, I whole-heartedly believe in the importance of this work..

Rachael joined the Optimum Insights team in late 2023, having worked with Sara and Mindy as a colleague for many years. As Mindy transitions to finish her master’s in counseling and start a full-time role as a mental health counselor, Rachael will become the Client Relations and Creative Design Director for Optimum Insights. In her role, Rachael manages communications, contracting, and scheduling for Optimum Insights’ clients.  As a graphic designer, she develops all program and coaching-related materials.  With a passion for providing excellent customer service and attention to detail, Rachael is a dedicated team player, committed to delivering outstanding support.


Rachael has over 15 years of experience in leadership and assessment for development. For 12 years, Rachael served as a project manager at the Center for Creative Leadership, where she led teams through a variety of program revisions to improve both the process and content delivered to clients.  Rachael was known for establishing strong relationships across multiple parts of the organization and keeping a group on task to meet critical deadlines.  Rachael was a sought-after project manager, which led to a new opportunity as an Assessment Operations Manager at a growing local assessment company, Franklin & White.  Rachael served in that role for four years until she decided to pursue her own business, supporting various small leadership development organizations like Optimum Insights with her client and program management skills.

Home Life

A native of Greensboro, NC, Rachael loves spending time outdoors with her husband, son, and their overly friendly golden retriever, Grover.