If you want to lead a team effectively, you’re in the right place.

I want to

  • be a participant with my team
  • get honest feedback from my team
  • get a fresh perspective on my team’s needs
  • resolve conflicts
  • be a better team leader
  • tackle tough challenges
  • obtain a custom-designed experience for my team
  • enable my team to work effectively together

Custom Leadership Program Design & Facilitation Services

Creating a targeted experience for your team to enable them to work more effectively together is an important endeavor. Our collaborative approach ensures we craft the right initiative to accomplish your goals.

We specialize in building programs from the ground up based on each client’s needs and rooted in our seasoned expertise in leadership development and team facilitation.

Whether it’s a one time event or a series of events spread out over time, our Program Design & Facilitation services…

  • Offer 1- or 2-day remote, in-person, or blended programs
  • Provide our expert “diagnostic” functionality through individual interviews with you and each of your team members*
  • Allow you to benefit from attending your event as a full participant alongside your team
  • Focus on your team as humans first and leaders second
  • Let both you and your team members feel cared for and heard
  • Are built to address a particular organizational need or set of needs
  • Never involve recycled or generic content
  • Provide developmental experiences that drive conversations to tackle the issues

We work with clients on a one-off or an ongoing basis as needed. Some “runway” is needed to craft fully custom programs – please work to provide us with as much notice as possible before your program date.

*Our process is designed to allow us to do our best work for our clients. As such, including these interviews in the scope of services is a highly preferred approach for our program design services.

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