Nathan Hatch

President Wake Forest University

In over a decade of working with the senior leadership team at Wake Forest University, Sara King’s expertise, creativity and insights have been critical to the on-going development of our team.

More importantly, her work with us has contributed to our ability to understand ourselves, our needs, and our opportunities for growth. Her approach is always thoughtful and deeply personal. We would not be where we are as a management team without Sara.

Mary E. Pugel

Chief of Staff Wake Forest University

In addition to being a wonderful sounding board to the President’s office concerning complex issues and our overall approach to team development, I credit Sara with significant contributions to my own professional growth as a leader and as a member of a team.

Sara has helped me better understand how to use my strengths most effectively and, importantly, she has provided me with great tools for professional and personal growth.

Christopher Howard

President Robert Morris University

As someone who has held leadership roles in the military, government, corporate, non-profit, sport and higher education sectors, I can say unequivocally that Sara King ranks in the top 1% of executive coaches and leadership development professionals.

My team and I have worked with Sara for almost four years with superior results. Whether working with us as a group or individually on specific organizational or performance challenges, Sara asks the right questions, provides the right feedback and offers the right frameworks to improve overall outcomes and to ensure personal growth and development in every instance!

Vicki West

COO Verger Capital Management

It's a daunting task for me to capture in a nutshell the huge positive impact that Sara and Mindy have provided, and continue to provide, to our firm.

As a small start-up, we were fortunate to begin our work with Optimum Insights at our inception to help us articulate the culture we wanted for our firm and provided the tools to implement that culture across the team. We now regularly partner with Optimum Insights on a variety of efforts, such as leadership development, team building, and skills assessments. Sara and Mindy are true mavens when it comes to designing custom programs specifically tailored to our organization; we’ve never received a “vanilla” or “off-the-shelf” templated program from them. Their expertise, execution, creativity, authenticity, and dedication directly support our success in terms of strategic initiatives and building a rich culture which attracts, motivates and retains talent.

Traci Gerth

SVP, Operations and Customer Experience SONIFI Solutions

Because of the wide diversity of clients they've worked with, Optimum Insights offers a unique perspective on leadership. Their deep network of connections and years of experience provide their clients with invaluable contacts and access to a variety of areas of expertise.

I first encountered Sara when I participated in her training with the Betsy Magness Leadership Institute many years ago. For the past year, I’ve worked with her as my professional coach.

Sara has a profound ability to ask thoughtful questions that bring to light the true motivation and drivers behind challenges I’m encountering. This also helps me see any biases that might be clouding my judgment.

Sara has taught me how to leverage my strengths to excel in a rapid, meaningful way. I’ve become more introspective and deliberate with the professional choices I make. She has guided me on using my authentic voice, setting boundaries based on my values, and navigating the political dynamics of executive leadership. I’m achieving better results overall thanks to Sara’s coaching and guidance.

Mac Steele

President J.C. Steele & Sons

The J.C. Steele & Sons board approached Sara to assist in a 360 Review and Transition of Leadership from our 4th generation of management to our 5th.

Sara has been a guiding light on all of our major professional hurdles and successes. Running a family business with combined leadership is a challenging combination and coupled with the fact that we recently went from 1 international location to 10, the roles of the company leaders are rapidly changing. She has helped us understand different leadership styles, which is critical when working as a team. She has also introduced frameworks and methodologies that help us to separate the person from the situation, which allows more strategic, less emotional responses. She is always ready and able to help us with whatever we bring to her and we recommend her highly.

Emily Gaffney

Executive Director Heart Tutoring

Working with Sara has accelerated my progress as a leader exponentially.

She is strategic, observant, and knowledgeable. External partners have cited my increased confidence, and, internally, my own coaching skills have improved from experiencing her coaching style firsthand.

Kristin Blanchfield

Associate VP for Principal Gifts & Chief of Staff Johns Hopkins University

I met Sara King for the first time when I interviewed her to possibly serve as my executive coach. In comparison to other coaches, I found Sara’s approach to be very specific to my professional goals and I have not regretted making the decision to hire her for a moment.

Sara has been a great partner as I pursued greater responsibilities and opportunities. She has been particularly helpful in honing my focus on the areas where I can have the greatest impact and where I will derive the greatest energy for my work.

Emma Jones

Chief Brand Officer/Owner Credo

The opportunity to bring on an executive coach is a privilege, and Sara could not have stewarded my firm’s resources and my time any better in our partnership.

As a coach, she created space for personal and professional reflection and challenged me to identify problems, lean in to hard conversations, and develop my individual approach to leadership. As a result, I am more effective and confident in balancing the demands of my role.