If you want to grow as a female leader, you’re in the right place.

I want to

  • build a stronger network of women leaders
  • better understand my challenges as a female executive
  • learn from other female leaders
  • have access to stronger role models
  • use my voice with more confidence
  • build on my own strengths
  • access the best women's leadership resources
  • share challenges and victories with other female executives

Women’s Leadership Development

In addition to dealing with the same challenges male leaders face, female leaders also confront a unique set of additional hurdles. Optimum Insights has deep expertise in women’s leadership that inform our executive coaching and program offerings. Through our work with clients and our continued research and thought leadership, we’re on a mission to help “move the needle” for female leaders everywhere.

Our One-to-One Executive Coaching offers a layer of insight and guidance for executive women. We’re able to uncover issues that may be related to gender or unconscious bias and provide effective strategies and tools to address those issues.

Similarly, our Program Design & Facilitation specializes in designing and facilitating programs specifically for groups of women, by bringing a holistic background and perspective on gender into the mix. We consider both the research as well as anecdotal evidence that differentiates how men and women lead differently. As a result, we’re able to tailor programs with the right content and experiences to help women achieve their goals more rapidly and with greater congruence with their values.

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Exclusively for Women Leaders:

Because there’s nothing like the benefits of peer coaching and support, we now offer a service for organizations that want to accelerate the development of women. The service is focused on Women’s Leadership Peer Groups so that women can…

  • Join a small group of peers to assist in their growth and development
  • Learn how other women approach their roles as leaders
  • Benefit by learning about the successes and failures of other women
  • Receive coaching from trusted, objective, and experienced peers
  • Use these peers as sounding boards for solving complex problems
  • Gain specific skills in listening and asking critical questions
  • Provide and receive accountability to spur positive change

These groups are comprised of other women leaders outside of one’s current organizational network who are also seeking support and coaching to spur personal and professional growth. Our role at Optimum Insights is to partner with organizations in assembling these groups, provide a facilitated structure and process, and guide each group to be an effective cohort devoted to coaching, development, and growth. We will also provide two virtual large group events to bring each peer group together to share lessons learned, success stories, and best practices.

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